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Room-Temperature, Low-Foaming Cleaner

Room-Temperature, Low-Foaming Cleaner

The part on the right was deburred with 2.5 percent Trim Clean IP 2019s for six minutes. The part in the center was deburred with 2.5 percent of a competitive product for six minutes. On the left is the part without deburring.

Master Chemical Corp. ( has developed a new high-performance, low-foaming cleaning concentrate.

The Trim Clean IP 2019s cleaner is designed to remove straight oils and coolants from steel, cast iron, and most aluminum parts.

Dave Barned, product manager for Master Chemical, said Trim Clean IP 2019s offers low foam at room temperature.

“Energy prices are rising and everyone is concerned about containing costs. Trim Clean IP 2019s doesn’t need to be heated to act as a low-foaming cleaner. So, imagine the immediate savings in energy costs for shops that may be accustomed to keeping 1,000 gallons of cleaner heated at 140 degrees F,” Barned said.

He added that Trim Clean IP 2019s also prolongs bath life for cleaners because of surfactant technology that the company uses to reject oil, making it easy to skim or centrifuge.

The highly concentrated product allows dilutions of 2 percent to 4 percent and operating temperatures of 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) to 160 degrees F (71 degrees C).

The cleaning concentrate also can be used as a single product for washing mixed metal batches. Trim Clean IP 2019s is a multi-metal-friendly product that can clean all metals, including brass, copper alloys and aluminum, Barned said.

Trim Clean IP 2019s provides flash corrosion inhibition, and as much as two weeks of short term, dry, in-process corrosion inhibition for ferrous alloys.

The company said because it is silicated, the cleaner also provides corrosion inhibition on aluminum and brass.

It is compatible with recycling equipment and is free of phenols and nitrates, has no SARA 313 or EPA 33/50 listed ingredients and contains no butyl cellosolve.

The product also can be used in high-pressure spray washers and vibratory deburring operations.

“One of the common problems faced in vibratory deburring is foam. Our most successful test sites have been vibratory deburring sites. For example, an internal engine component manufacturer using Trim Clean IP 2019s noted that the deburring of their parts was more complete, and the removal of the cutting oil was superior to the prior competitive product,” Jennifer Rogers, application manager for cleaners and corrosion inhibitors for Master Chemical, said.

The cleaner is available in one-gallon containers sold by the case, five-gallon pails, 54-gallon drums, 270-gallon recyclable bins and tank wagon lots. It also is available in metric containers for Europe and Asia.

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