Rivet countersinking head and thread whirling tool

Rivet countersinking head and thread whirling tool

Rivet countersinking head
Rivet countersinking head.
Thread whirling tool
Thread whirling tool.

Koma Precision Inc. has introduced two Alberti tools to North American aircraft part manufacturers. The Alberti rivet countersinking head is the result of a joint effort between Alberti and a large European commercial aircraft manufacturer.

The rivet countersinking head features a spring-loaded cutting tool body with a stationary stop to machine chamfers automatically to a precise depth on aircraft part surfaces with constantly changing curves. Various spring modules are available depending on the required axial cutting pressure.

The rivet countersinking head may be supplied with any standard spindle taper (CAT, BT or HSK) and can be ATC mounted in most machining centers.

Also available from Koma Precision Inc. is the Alberti custom M90-3,5 thread whirling live tool that features a ±13-degree adjustable output. Thread whirling tools are particularly suited for manufacturing medical screws. Alberti thread whirling tools are also available for Tornos Deco 10/13/20 machines.

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