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Pull Clamps For Precise Location

Pull Clamps For Precise Location

Pull Clamps

Imao pull clamps from Fixtureworks provide high-accuracy workpiece locating, using precision ground clamping pins in conjunction with the fixture-mounted clamp mechanisms. The clamp devices apply downward pressure on the pins via a quarter turn of the clamp’s handle that actuates a spiral cam (ball and groove) design; in turn, this applies downward pressure on the workpiece and secures it in position. The accuracy of the pins helps to establish additional locating precision beyond that provided by the fixture, while the ergonomic operation of the clamping base and easy loading of parts make these clamping systems work well in high volume, repetitive jobs.

The clamping bases are offered in two operating ranges, one for standard duty work loads that includes two versions with clamping forces of 200 and 550 lb, respectively, and a heavy duty series with two sizes that provide 1,348 or 1,798 lb of clamping force.

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