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Programmable Tool Setting System

Programmable Tool Setting System

Programmable tool setting

Marposs Corp. has introduced its Mida Laser 75P noncontact programmable tool-setting system that can be adapted to the tool type under verification, to the same rotation speed as used during machining and to the desired measuring cycle. The unit incorporates a protection system with air tunnel effect, powerful integrated microprocessor for best performance under coolant, active drip rejection filter, and enhanced noise reduction with double filtering technology.

The system is available with a collimated or focused laser beam for cutting edge integrity verification and length measurements of chisel or rounded nose tools, or for tools with a diameter of less than 1 mm.

Typical uses of the Mida Laser 75P include tool identification, tool breakage detection, presetting of unknown tools, tool dynamic length and diameter measurement, tool wear compensation, tool cutting edge profile integrity verification and machine axis thermal-drift compensation.

In addition to standard parallel I/O, the system incorporates an RS232 serial communication port that allows exchange of data during the measuring cycle to improve accuracy and repeatability results in harsh conditions, easier retrofitting without any M-code, and to facilitate correct installation check and troubleshooting.

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