PCD/PCB-tipped Milling Inserts

PCD/PCB-tipped Milling Inserts

PCD/PCB-tipped Milling Inserts

Also new from Iscar Metals are the company’s Tangmill ID5 PCD wiper inserts and Helimill inserts tipped with IB85 PCBN for machining cast iron and a range of difficultto- machine materials at high cutting rates. The LNAR 1106PN-R-S-W ID5 PCDtipped wiper inserts have a large frontal radius and sharp cutting edge. They provide a uniform cleancut edge and good surface finish of less than Ra 0.3 m. The inserts can be used on standard face mills or the new axially adjustable face mills with one or two wiper inserts.

Helimill inserts ADKW 1505 PDER IB85 have an IB85 PCBN brazed tip and can be used on 90-degree milling cutters for semi-finishing and finish machining on cast iron. The inserts feature a 0.031-in. corner radius and a honed cutting edge (0.001 in.). They can be used on standard F90AD...-SFR or the E90AD ...-HSK63-S axially adjustable milling cutters. By adjusting the axial position of the inserts, it is possible to obtain a 0.3- to 0.7-m surface finish.

IB85 is a fine-grain polycrystalline cubic boron nitride grade with a small grain size that makes it possible to grind a sharp cutting edge and achieve high surface quality, which provides long tool life.

The IB85 grade, containing 85% PCBN with Al Co and W binder, is a strong and tough material that can be used for heavy roughing and interrupted cuts. The range of materials covered by IB85 includes hardened and cast steel of over 45 HRc, gray and ductile cast iron, powder compacted and sintered metals and heat-resistant alloys.

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