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No Chatter Endmills

No Chatter Endmills


Iscar Metals ( said manufacturers and die and mold shops can eliminate chatter problems in many milling operations with the company’s new Chatterfree endmills.

The cutters’ variablepitch flute pattern is designed to eliminate harmonic vibration, the main source of chatter, and enable faster cutting and finer finishes in rough or finish slotting, shoulder milling and cavity milling. Iscar said users report longer edge life because of reduced chatter.

The chatter-free feature is available in solid carbide endmills and tips in Iscar’s Multi- Master replaceable-tip line. Diameter range is 6 mm to 20 mm (0.250 in. to 0.750 in.) for the solid carbide endmills, and 8 mm to 20 mm (0.312 in. to 0.750 in.) for Multi-Master tips.

The company said its new endmills work well in low power machines with ISO40 or BT40 adaptations, and the solid carbide version can handle full slot machining to 2 times diameter. Depth capability on the replaceable-tip version is more limited because the active length is shorter.

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