New Toolholders

New Toolholders

CKN modular
The CKN modular connection is for large tools.

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. has introduced several new toolholding products. Its new CKN modular connection is said to be the strongest tool connection available for large tools with lightweight aluminum components. The toolholder uses a high clamping force, three-screw connection between steel connectors and aluminum couplings that allow for high torque transmission on large, modular tool assemblies. This new system offers weight reductions up to 50 percent with equal cutting performance compared to tool combinations made solely of steel. This weight reduction also allows for better machine performance and easier handling, and it may eliminate manual tool changes in many instances. The new CKN connection is almost 100 percent compatible with the existing KAB system.

Mega Synchro Tapping Holders
Mega Synchro Tapping Holders reduce thrust load to the tap and workpiece.

BIG Kaiser also expanded its line of high-performance Capto tooling with new Mega Micro holders, Shrink Fit holders, and extended gage lengths for the Mega N and Mega E series. The existing turning program includes 45° tilt-style approach tools, traditional 90° approach tools, and standard toolholders such as boring bar and square toolholders. The rotating program includes drill and reamer holders, milling chucks, modular connections (KA, ABS), and standard tool holders (EM, SM, SF, etc.).

By using a mechanism that absorbs the pitch difference between the tap and synchronous spindle, new Mega Synchro Tapping Holders compensate for synchronization error during rigid tapping by reducing the thrust load to both the tap and workpiece. This improves thread quality and tap life. The holders supply coolant through slits to the tap periphery.

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