New Presetters and Touch Probes

New Presetters and Touch Probes

New presetters

The new benchtop Speroni MAGIS from BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. ( is available in three sizes to fit a variety of toolmeasurement and presetting needs. Its singlescreen control is available with optional touchscreen technology for accurate tool measuring in minutes. Standard MAGIS features include an integral ISO50 taper spindle, pneumatic spindle brake, integrated calibration master, pneumatic axis locks, Xand Z-axis fine adjust, Episcopy ring light, and CCD camera. All Speroni presetters are constructed of aged pearlitic cast iron for thermal stability.

Also new is the OPT1500 Touch Probe. The probe’s in-machine sensor communicates directly with the control, simplifying operation and programming. The touch probe is accurate to ± 1 micron.

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