New, Indexable Insert for High-Speed Dry Machining

New, Indexable Insert for High-Speed Dry Machining

Kennametals KCPM20 insert grades are available for face, shoulder, and profile milling.

Kennametal’s KCPM20 insert grades are available for face, shoulder, and profile milling.
Kennametal is introducing the Beyond KCPM20 grade indexable milling insert, developed especially for high-speed dry machining in light- to medium-duty milling of steel and stainless steel parts under stable conditions. The tooling developer is recommending KCPM20 as “an ideal optimization grade” for stainless steel machining, where coolant is not used and superior wear resistance is required.

All of Kennametal’s Beyond grade inserts are optimized with substrate characteristics and coating thickness specific to its application. This approach results in productivity improvements and an expanded range of applications for each new product compared to the original grade.

The new Beyond inserts are chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coated. But, according to Kennametal, conventional CVD coatings are under tensile stress; Beyond inserts undergo proprietary post-coat treatment on all surfaces to reduce this stress, which improves coating adhesion and reduces micro-chipping. More uniform and reliable wear of the cutting edge improves tool life, and makes it more consistent. Smoother surfaces also lower frictional forces, another factor that expands applications and permits higher cutting speeds.

Also, the developer subjects all of its Beyond inserts to top- and bottom-grinding after coating, for a better seating surface in the toolholder, which improves security.

The KCPM20 inserts are available in a variety of Kennametal milling cutter styles, including Dodeka, for face milling in stable applications; KSOMTM, where lighter cutting forces are required; Mill 1, for high-performance shoulder milling; and KDM for general purpose and die/mold machining

“While optimized for steels and stainless steels, KCPM20 also can act as a troubleshooter in cast iron applications, particularly with nodular irons in dry conditions,” according to senior product manager Osny Fabricio. “Use KCPM20 when existing applications need to be optimized to gain additional tool life and productivity via higher speeds and feeds.”

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