Mini 5-Axis Clamping

Mini 5-Axis Clamping

Bock Workholding MC clamp
Bock Workholding MC clamp with optional Quintus mounting block provides for fast setups and changeovers along with high production capacity and flexibility.

The Bock Workholding Inc. ( 5-axis MC Clamping System enables complete machining on five sides of a workpiece in a single setup.

The narrow vises and jaws allow for greater access to workpieces to minimize machine downtime and maximize flexibility.

The vises provide clamping forces to 8,900 lbf with repeatability of 0.0002 in.

They are available in self-centering, manual and hydraulic activation and with a variety of available jaw options, chucks and fixture plates to meet a range of applications.

Optional zero-point-style Quintus Quick Clamping Blocks allow for accurate remounting of the vises, chucks and fixture plates in seconds, eliminating the need for time-consuming indicating. The blocks also allow an optimum range of angles to accommodate the shortest tools.

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