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Milling Grades for Steels

Milling Grades for Steels


Seco Tools Inc. has introduced its new grade MP3000, for milling steel and tool steels with relatively thin average chip thickness. The new grade is especially effective in square shoulder and copy milling applications where wear resistance and tool life need to be improved. In these applications, MP3000 has shown a 40% increase in tool life and up to a 200% increase in machined components, as compared with competitive steel machining grades.

The MP3000 cemented carbide is produced to provide the grade a high hardness combined with relatively good toughness. A slightly thicker PVD coating increases wear resistance over a large application range, and an improved coating process greatly increases coating adhesion, edge quality, and edge integrity.

Although developed to enable higher speed capabilities in milling of steels, MP3000 is also suited for use as an optimizing solution for machining of stainless steels and heat-resistant alloys. The new grade is offered in a wide range of insert geometries to cover face, square shoulder and copy milling applications. It is especially effective when paired with Seco’s new Square 6 milling cutter, serving as a tool for a variety of general machining operations.

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