Micro drills for steels

Single Source Technologies has launched NS Tool’s new Micro Drill series, featuring drill diameters of 0.01 mm in regular – 10 times diameter -- and short – 6 times diameter – length micro drills, as well as micro point drills.

The new generation of Micro Drills is made with the Mugen micro coating, a special thin, smooth and uniform coating developed to allow good drilling performance on steels, including stainless steels.

These high-precision micro drills are designed to allow new drilling capabilities with features such as cutting edge thinning to reduce cutting force, enabling increased accuracy while drilling.

The new Mugen coated drills include series NSMD-M, NSMD-MS and NSPD-M and are made to accompany the original Micro Drill series — NSMD, NSMD-S, NSPD. NSMD-M Mugen micro coated Micro Drills are available in diameters of 0.01 mm to 0.1 mm, ± 0.0025 mm; NSMD-MS Mugen micro coating Micro Drill Short are available in diameters of 0.01 mm to 0.05 mm, ±0.0025 mm and NSPD-M Mugen micro coating Micro Point Drill are available in diameters of 0.01 mm to 0.1 mm, ±0.005 mm.

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