Manually Adjustable Toolholders

Manually Adjustable Toolholders

Manually adjustable toolholders

New SDM toolholders from NT Tool ( feature one-touch drill length adjustment without the need for tools.

Drill projection length can be adjusted by hand by rotating the knurled guide ring on the outside of the toolholder. Axial adjustment range varies from approximately 10 mm to 25 mm (0.394 in. to 0.984 in.) depending on the size of the toolholder.

SDM toolholders utilize NT Tool’s FDC collet system that provides runout accuracy to be within 0.0002 in. (5 μm) at four times diameter for AA Class collets. FDC collets are available from stock in sizes ranging from 0.5 mm (0.020 in.) to 22 mm (0.866 in.). FDC–OH and FDC–C Coolant Collets accommodate coolant pressure as high as 1,000 psi either through the drill or alongside the drill.

To prevent cutting tools with tangs from rotating within the toolholder, SDM toolholders include a preset screw. The toolholders are available from stock in CAT, BT and HSK styles.

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