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Making Light Work of Heavy Machining

Making Light Work of Heavy Machining

Universal modular tool system for stability in mill/turn for large workpieces

Coromant Capto’s C10 has the brand’s standard polygon-shaped coupling, and is targeted at heavy-load milling and turning activity.
Sandvik’s Coromant Capto size C10 has been introduced to allow higher feed rates and greater cutting depths, thereby improving machining performance for heavy machining of large-size workpieces.

With its flange diameter of 3.937 in., C10 achieves a coupling that is suitable for heavy loads, providing excellent stability in milling and turning applications. The tool is designed to increase material removal capability at higher torques, so it gives higher bending strength to the entire tool set up higher bending strength.

The C10 is available with a wide range of holders and adapters, including shrink fit, SL adapters, ER- chucks and tap adapters.

Coromant Capto is a universal modular system that makes it possible to use only one tooling scheme for the entire workshop, including turning and multitasking machines, machining centers, and manual or fully automatic systems. It’s a tool system that permits standardization, reduces inventory costs, and simplifies physical and administrative handling of tools.

The Capto series’ polygon-shaped coupling has been proven in use for over 20 year and is an ISO standard (26623), according to Sandvik.

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