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Low-profile rotary table

Low-profile rotary table

Low-profile rotary table

Hardinge Inc. said its new GD210LP lowprofile rotary table provides rigidity, speed, accuracy and repeatability in an affordable package. High stiffness and rigidity are accomplished with large-diameter bearings and a failsafe clamp system, allowing part weights of up to 220 lb (99.8 kg) with a stiffness four-times greater than a competitive model.

The GD210LP uses up to 233 lb-ft (315 Nm) of clamping torque to handle off-center drilling, cross-axis milling, and other high-force cutting applications. A fast clamp and release in milliseconds reduces cycle time. A hardened and ground steel cross-axis helical gear provides long life and accuracy when compared with softer gears and worm gears found in other models.

The rotary table has a precisionground 210-mm slotted face plate and features rapid table rotation to 40 rpm. The faceplate can be removed to mount a manual jaw chuck directly to the A2-5 spindle for ease of gripping round parts. The rotary table can be operated as a standalone horizontal or vertical unit with a servo control, or as a true fourth axis directconnected to the machine. The lowprofile footprint takes up minimal space on the table, so vises or other fixtures can remain in place for other jobs, reducing set up and teardown.

Hardinge guarantees ±15 arc-sec accuracy and ±3 arc-sec repeatability based on true bidirectional testing. A double-eccentrics design provides for the unit’s fine gear mesh.

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