Low-Foaming, High-Lubricity Synthetic

Low-Foaming, High-Lubricity Synthetic

Rustlick Vytron-N, recently introduced by ITW Rocol North America (www.rocolnorthamerica.com) is a universal synthetic machining coolant for in a range of applications including grinding, sawing, tapping, drilling, turning and milling. Not only is the fluid low foaming with a high level of lubricity, but Rustlick Vytron-N also provides a high level of rust protection.

The biostability and way-lube rejection characteristics of Rustlick Vytron-N keeps coolants cleaner and thus promotes long-term sump life and prevents rancidity when properly maintained. It is also a transparent solution allowing for fast settling of fines and easy visibility of workpieces. Rustlick Vytron-N is designed for allpurpose machining and grinding on ferrous metals and is available in 1-, 5-, or 55-gallon containers.

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