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Low-Foam Coolants

Low-foam coolantsThe HFP line of fluids with Factfoam arrest control technology has been introduced by Cimcool ( The products create an antifoam technology for use in a variety of high-volume and high-pressure fluid applications.

By producing less foam than many metalworking fluids, the HFP fluids have better lubricity making them deal for applications that include high-speed machining and metalworking operations.

This line of fluids offers a high level of rancidity control and is compatible with most conventional waste treatment methods.

The new fluid line consists of a variety of products with Factfoam arrest control technology for a range of applications including:

  • Cimperial 1060CFHFP with Fact: A chlorine-free, premium soluble oil for use where excellent finish and part quality are desired.
  • Cimperial 16 EPHFP with Fact: For high turnover, high-pressure applications where foam control is required.
  • Cimstar 60C-HFP with Fact: For use where superior machining and grinding is required in moderate to heavy-duty operations.
  • Cimstar 70C-HFP with Fact: Blends the technological advantages of synthetic lubricants with the performance of soluble oils for machining and grinding in moderate to heavy-duty operations. Excellent cleanliness, residue, lubricity and corrosion control are combined into one fluid.
  • Cimperial 320- HFP with Fact: A low-pH synthetic fluid designed for the aerospace industry. Also recommended for machining and grinding of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Excellent for moderate to heavy-duty operations on aluminum, it is very low foaming, even when used with deionized water.
  • Cimtech 510ZHFP with Fact: Has all the advantages of a synthetic fluid, with the performance capabilities of a heavy-duty product. Ideal for central system applications, it is recommended for moderate to heavy-duty machining and grinding operations of ferrous materials where a synthetic is desired.

Cimcool also has introduced a lowfoaming synthetic fluid for aerospace applications. Having passed all bi-metallic and aluminum (7075) “sandwich” corrosion tests, Cimtech 310 synthetic metalworking fluid meets the strict requirements of aerospace manufacturing.

The fluid is recommended for machining and grinding operations, including creepfeed grinding, on non-ferrous or ferrous metals.

Designed for moderate to heavy-duty operations, Cimtech 310 is lowfoaming and provides excellent rancidity control to extend the life of the fluid, minimizing the need for additives. It is transparent and provides machine operators uninhibited part visibility, is non-irritating to the skin and has good lubricity for long tool life and outstanding surface finish.

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