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Long Sumplife Semi-Synthetic

Blaser Swisslube Inc., ( has launched Blasocut BC 230, a liquid tool that allows for stability and long-term sump life for improved machine up-time.

BC 230, a high-performance, watermiscible, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid, is for machining and grinding of aluminum, cast iron, steel and high-temperature alloys.

Blaser Swisslube said BC 230 is a high-lubricity product that can increase productivity, lower tool costs and improve tool and part finish. It is made with a mild formulation that is designed to keep the product safe while being friendly toward the operator and easy to use. Tthe fluid rejects tramps oils, requires no biocide additives and has a refractometer reading of 1:1. BC 230’s rinse behavior leaves parts and machines clean, and helps to reduce coolant consumption.

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