Lessen the Severity of Carousel Crashes

Lessen the Severity of Carousel Crashes

CMI Segmented Tool Disks
CMI Segmented Tool Disks feature removable segments that allow shops to replace only damaged portions after a machine crash.
CMI Segmented Tool Disks

Severe machine crashes seem to be inevitable, but now, when they happen, shops can replace only the damaged segments of a vertical machining center’s tool disk instead of the whole carousel-type disk. What makes this possible is a retrofitted CMI Segmented Tool Disk from Clarklake Machine Inc.

Often, after crashes due to accidents, machine malfunctions, operator errors or taper locks caused by debris or heat, operators must replace a machine’s entire one-piece stock tool disk. The CMI tool disk, made for Haas VF-Series CAT-40 20- tool machining centers, incorporates individual segments that are attached to a base plate and are replaceable.

The tool disk is made of precision-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum. If the segmented disk becomes damaged, only the effected segments are replaced. Preassembled, the 21-piece unit has 20 segmented tool pockets and one base plate. This is also a “green” technology that helps reduce the overall carbon footprint of high-tech CNC equipment.

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