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Large-Part Vise and Rotary Workholding

Large-Part Vise and Rotary Workholding

Large part vise

The new HDM690 Vise from Kurt Manufacturing ( has a 9-inch jaw opening for clamping large parts. The vise has repeatable 0.001-in. accuracy and minimal stationary jaw deflection. It features a rigid stationary jaw with top-down bolting and a tall body design to reduce deflection.

Designed with high precision roller bearings and a hardened vise screw mechanism, the HDM690 distributes clamping force evenly and precisely across the full jaw surface. The AngLock spherical segment in the moveable jaw further reduces jaw lift. The pull-type body design reduces stress in the body resulting in accurate clamping.

Adding to overall vise rigidity while absorbing machining vibration, Kurt HDM690 vises have 80,000-psi ductile iron bodies with precision machined components. They are for use on all types of machine tools including machining centers and knee-type mills, and are for all types of machining operations including precision boring, tapping, drilling, grinding and finishing with high accuracy on most part configurations.

Also new from Kurt is its new Rotary Table Workholding that provides eight clamping stations of a vise tower system. The system is available in sizes for integration into most popular indexer models.

Designed to increase part volume in a small work envelope, these Rotary Table Workholding setups provide repeatable precision clamping to 0.0002 in. Each station delivers as much as 7,460 lb of clamping force at 70 lb-ft of clamping torque.

The rotary has a self-adjusting holding block for either the front or back jaw for clamping the same or dissimilar sized parts. With jaws that index 180 degrees, the units have an adjustable pre-load feature that reduces handle turns for opening and closing clamping stations to enhance fast operation. Jaw options include: hard jaws, machinable aluminum and ductile iron plus aluminum fixture plate.

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