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Inserts for Profile Machining

Inserts for Profile Machining

profile machiningCoroTurn TR inserts from Sandvik Coromant Co. ( feature a robust T-rail interface designed to boost performance in profile machining through improved clamping stability and security.

Due to the pressure exerted on tools during profile operations, conventional clamping designs often leave inserts open during machining, resulting in reduced quality and tolerances. To combat this, Sandvik Coromant said its T-Rail design uses long insert screws and horizontal and vertical rails to provide strong support while reducing movement in the toolholder.

Additionally, the inserts feature optimized geometries to facilitate high levels of chip evacuation necessary for continuous, uninterrupted machining.

CoroTurn TR is well suited for a variety of turning operations, medium to finishing applications, and the operational demands of multitask machining.

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