Inserts For Milling Stainless/Superalloys

Inserts For Milling Stainless/Superalloys


New premium SGE inserts for Kennametal’s Mill 1-14/18 platform are said to provide improved performance for companies machining stainless steels, superalloys and highstrength steels. Micro-geometry features contribute to the new SGE inserts’ performance, including a 20-degree rake angle, negative T-land and small hone. “Results include up to 25% higher feed capability, significantly reducing cycle times, lower cutting forces, contributing up to 35% longer tool life,” said Dennis McNamara, global product manager at Kennametal. “They are good for such applications as face milling, shoulder milling, pocketing, contour milling and full slotting. Test results in producing 90-degree walls have proven excellent as well. Markets as diverse as aerospace, automotive, energy and power generation, medical, food processing, chemical processing, and die and mold will benefit from these products.”

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