Inserts with laser-made features

Inserts with laser-made features

3D Chip Breakers

New TiroWave 3D Chip Breakers from TiroTool available in North America exclusively from CIMtek Group combine polycrystalline diamond tooling with 7-axis laser technology to produce tool life up to 10 times longer than conventional types when machining aluminum alloys. The inserts also are designed for machining magnesium alloys, non-ferrous materials, composites, reinforced plastics and materials with abrasive binders.

While most chip breakers feature sintered and ground cutting edges, the TiroWave’s chip breaker and cutting edge are laser-made. The company said this process results in a clean surface that allows for smooth finishes, and prevents cutting materials from adhering to the tool edge. In addition, the company said there is less wear and tear, and reduced cutting forces, on the tool that translate to a longer tool life.

TiroWave operates at high speeds and feeds and is capable of performing both roughing and finishing operations, and its chip control results in uninterrupted production with even the softest materials.

TiroWave is available in all ANSI and ISO styles, including 80-degree, 55-degree, 30-degree, square, triangle and round inserts. This technology is also available from CIMtek in drills, reamers, indexable endmills and indexable face mills.

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