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Inserts for Face Milling Steels

Inserts for Face Milling Steels

milling steelsNew Dodeka inserts and cutters from Kennametal Inc. ( are designed to deliver high cutting speeds and feedrates along with extended tool life in demanding face-milling applications in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron and other materials.

The company said compared with competitors’ face-milling inserts, its Dodeka inserts provide as much as 30 percent more cutting performance at the same level of power consumption, and at the same cutting conditions, they supply as much as 50 percent longer tool life.

With 12 cutting edges per insert, the inserts’ geometries generate low cutting forces, resulting in increased performance per edge. With a single screw for insert changing and indexing, they are also designed for ease of use.

New HD roughing inserts in the Dodeka family exhibit good chipforming and evacuation characteristics along with high accuracy — axial runout is less than 0.0004 in. and radial runout is no more than 0.002 in.

Dodeka wiper inserts feature six cutting edges (three right hand and three left hand), and only a single wiper insert is needed to achieve a surface finish better than RA 1.5 micron at high cutting speeds. Inch and metric diameters are available across the entire Dodeka family.

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