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Inserts and Tools for Heavy Machining

Inserts and Tools for Heavy Machining

Heliturn Lay Down

Iscar has expanded the Heliturn Lay Down family and application range with new inserts and tools, produced with the new Sumo Tec grades. New WNMX, CNMX and DNMX inserts have high positive radial, helical cutting edges and positive rake angles, which is a combination that substantially reduces cutting forces. Their corner angle is 88 degrees for increased strength.

Iscar also is introducing new leverlock external holders for CNMX 55x, WNMX 45x Heliturn LD inserts and new boring bars for the CNMX 45x, WNMX 45x. Heliturn LD inserts. As a result of the inserts’ cutting edge and rake configuration, the new tools enable internal turning at high machining parameters, exerting low cutting forces and reducing vibrations.

Yet another new product is Camfix integral turning holders that apply the lever-lock clamping mechanism for secure clamping and free space for chips.

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