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Inserts For Aluminum Milling

Aluminum milling

The latest additions to the M6800 Series of milling tools from Widia are aimed at increasing the productivity of aluminum milling for users and expanding the company’s shell mill body line with new metric sizes.

The M6800 product line is engineered for high cutting speeds and feed rates with reduced cutting forces, and offers high productivity in 90-deg shoulder-milling applications. The tools are applicable over a wide range of ramping, slotting, square shoulder, and face-milling operations in the general engineering, aerospace, die/mold, and power-generation industries.

The company said the inserts, for aluminum milling and all with a hard nickel coating for resistance to chip buildup, generate less vibration than competitive tools, resulting in improved surface and wall finishes with fewer “steps” on vertical walls, due to being peripherally ground with a polished rake face and materialspecific geometry.

Also new are inserts for M6800S cutter bodies with 0.8 mm (0.031-in.) radius. These new 7-mm inserts are said to be stronger than competitive offerings, allowing greater productivity without sacrificing machining reliability.

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