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[IMTS Preview] Tungaloy for Stream Jet Mini-Boring Bar Coolant

Tungaloy America announces its new Stream Jet Mini series of coolant through boring bars.

These mini boring bars feature 5 different steel and carbide bars in 4, 5, 6, and 7mm diameters using insert geometries of, 80, 70, 60-degree trigon. All bars are equipped with coolant through capability positioned close to the cutting edge. All Stream Jet Mini Bars incorporate Tungaloy’s Stream Jet chip clearance design, nickel-plated bodies with screw, insert and tool part number marked on the side of each tool. Every bar has a centering flat machined on each shank. The 70-degree diamond SEXPR/L series 4mm diameter bar features the smallest minimum bore size of .177” or 4.5 mm.

The SEZPR/L series is also using the 70-degree diamond insert, a bar that is capable of back-boring counter-bores to a .217” minimum bore. The Stream Jet Mini Series features a new fine grain, TiAln coated, precision ground insert in Grade SH730 with Radii of .001, .004, .008 and .015. Grade SH730 can machine all ferrous materials and excels in stainless and high temp alloys. Grade TH10 is also available for all non-ferrous materials.

Tungaloy also offers a wide range of BLM style sleeves for all four bar sizes with a .625”, 16mm, .750”, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm and 1.0” O.D.

Visit IMTS Booth #W-1654

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