[IMTS Preview] Triple ID Tool Holder Increases Machining Capacity

[IMTS Preview] Triple ID Tool Holder Increases Machining Capacity

GenBore® Triple ID Tool Holder

Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc. (GenSwiss) is introducing the GenBore® Triple ID Tool Holder, which adds three ID tool stations in place of a standard OD turning position on most Swiss-Type CNC machines. With the GenBore tool holder, ID work can be expanded to include spotting, boring or drilling, all from one position for more cost-effective machining of complex parts.

The tool holder features easy integration of high pressure coolant delivery systems, and can be configured for thru-coolant delivery through one, two or all three tool positions. The GenBore includes three ER11 5/8-in. shank collet sleeves, removable location screw to re-position the holder on the gang plate, and set screws on both sides of the holder to suit RH and LH machine layouts. The half-inch shank includes shim-plate for machines using 5/8-in. shank tooling. When required the GenBore can be removed easily, returning to a standard OD turning position to suit specific machining requirements.

GenSwiss supplies specialized tools, accessories, application and process assistance for Swiss type machining and small parts manufacturing. Products include PCM rotary broaching tools, tool holders for Citizen Machines, Star, Maier, Nexturn, Okuma, VDI, Swiss-made slitting saws and arbors, polygon and hobbing tools, magnetic finishing and deburring systems, Swiss collet sleeves and chucks, thread whirling attachments, high speed spindles for CNC Swiss machines and premium cutting oils.

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