[IMTS Preview] TDM Systems for Tool Management

[IMTS Preview] TDM Systems for Tool Management

Tool Management

TDM Systems provides integrated tool manage-ment with CAD/CAM connection. Supporting companies with their tool data management soft-ware, TDM offers a complete system for the management and organization of production resour-ces, including tools, jigs and fixtures, measuring and inspection equipment, and all related data are organized efficiently with the software.

At IMTS, TDM Systems, Inc. presents their established software solutions for the efficient management of tool data, measuring and inspection equipment. With TDM-software the whole process of tool preparation as well as the production planning can be optimized and standardized. Existing inventory in tool crib, manufacturing and maintenance are transparent and accessible at any time and tools will be ordered as needed. A precondition therefore TDM creates with a cen-tralized and automated tool dispenser. With TDMstoreasy, you can manage both manual and automatic storage systems (spiral cabinets, lift systems, cabinets with drawers). To reduce the time-consuming data entry to a minimum, there is a special import assistant available. Master data and graphics can be taken over easily with a view mouse clicks automatically via excel-import into the TDM-database, the manufacturer-ID-number is sufficient to identify a tool.

With a few clicks to 2D and 3D graphics tool: Established interfaces to CAD-/CAM-systems also ensure that the NC-programming works with uniform tool data. Especially in manufacturing simulation high-quality tool data are essential for a realistic collision analysis. So that the creati-on of master data is also done quickly, the TDM Data and Graphic Generator is available. With only a few mouse clicks you can create a complete tool data record with true-to-scale and ready-to-simulate 2D- and 3D-graphics: time savings of up to 90 percent. The generator contains detai-led information about the product areas turning, drilling and milling for over 45.000 tools. With the TDM Data- and Graphic Generator you increase the processing accuracy and reliability in the production area enormous. And even with that the generator is not yet exhausted: for the genera-tion of images and brand new for solid carbide tools are modules available.

Visit IMTS Booth # E-3964

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