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[IMTS Preview] NT Tool to Feature New Hydraulic Chucks

NT Tool to Feature New Hydraulic Chucks

NT Tool will feature their new PHC Series Hydraulic Chucks. These tool holders combine the runout accuracy of hydraulic chucks with the enhanced tool holding versatility of collet chucks.

PHC (Power Hydro Chuck) Series Hydraulic Chucks have 20% greater clamping force than standard collet chucks, and are designed for a range of machining applications including precision drilling, reaming, fine boring, and finish end milling. They are guaranteed to have a runout accuracy of 3∝m or less at a projection length of 50mm or 100mm (depending on the cutting tool diameter). Additionally, PHC Series Hydraulic Chucks feature an optional adjustment mechanism that allows the cutting tool projection length to be easily adjusted with a hex wrench.

PHC Series Hydraulic Chucks are available in bore diameters in inch sizes from …” to 1-…” and metric sizes from 6mm to 32mm. The ”, ”, 12mm and 20mm PHC Chucks can accommodate PHS Series Straight Collets, which are sized for cutting tools with shanks as small as 1/8” or 3mm. PHC Chucks are available from stock in CAT, BT, HSK, and AHO styles.

Visit IMTS Booth #W-2146
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