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[IMTS Preview] IBAGs Micro-Line Spindles and Witte Vacuum for Work Holding

IBAG North America

IBAG North America will feature the expanded “Micro Line” spindles for Swiss turning with the addition of new 20 and 22mm to the 25mm diameter model previously available. With a 63.3 mm length, the new Model HT 25S 60 is ideal for compact tool zones in the most popular Swiss Type machines. Right hand spindles are also available, providing greater flexibility. The “Micro Line” spindles eliminate secondary operations and utilize synchronous, and the DC motor technology and operate up to 120,000 rpm with high torque. It is ideal for machining applications involving micro milling and drilling tools, as well as engraving and fine milling and feature high rigidity and ultra precision (less than 2 microns run-out) to dramatically enhance surface quality and machining accuracy.

IBAG North America will also display the Witte vacuum work holding chucks, pumps and accessories. The circular grid vacuum chucks provide accurate and secure work holding for metal, graphite, ceramic, plastic, exotic alloys and wafers as custom designs and standard cost-effective solutions.

Visit IMTS Booth #E-4545
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