[IMTS Preview] Helical Solutions to Show High-Performance Cutting Tools

[IMTS Preview] Helical Solutions to Show High-Performance Cutting Tools

High-Performance Cutting Tools

Helical Solutions, Inc., supplier of high-quality, high-performance cutting tools for every industry and application, and a specialist in manufacturing tools for hard-to-machine materials, will be displaying it’s four newest cutting tools: the H40ALV and H40ALV-RN for cutting aluminum, the HSF-7 for finishing steel and exotic materials, the HEVR-5 family of tools for roughing and finishing steel and exotic materials, and the HXF for finishing steel and titanium.

The new H40ALV line includes a variable-pitch flute configuration and cutting diameter tolerances that are among the tightest in the industry (-.0001 to -.0004). This precision delivers reduced chatter, fewer tool offset adjustments and optimum tool performance. The line also includes full corner radius ranging from .015-.250 as standard. Contributing to improved finishes are the H40ALV’s wiper flats, which burnishes the part floor without creating too much tool pressure/friction.

The center-cutting HSF-7 features geometries specifically engineered to cut difficult-to-machine materials. Its seven-flute design allows for higher feed rates compared to conventional end mills, and its high-helix flute design allows for free cutting at higher speeds and feeds. The HSF-7 allows operators to experience 75 percent production increases over four-flute tools and a 40 percent production increase compared to five-fluted tools.

The HEVR-5 and the longer-reach, reduced-neck HEVR-RN-5 tools also feature corner radii for added strength and have a variable-pitch design for increased depth of cut, up to 1 times the diameter of the tool resulting in an increased metal removal rate along with minimizing any possibility of chatter. Additionally, customers may utilize the HEVR-5 for both roughing and finishing, reducing the number of tools and setups.

The HXF and HXF-RN end mill series feature corner radii for added strength and high-helix angles for smoother cutting and a better finish. The tools are designed for small radial depths of up to 6 percent of cutter diameter and axial depths of cut up to 1 to 1.5 times cutter diameter.

Visit IMTS Booth #W-1868

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