[IMTS Preview] EXSYS Tool, Inc. to Showcase High Precision Tooling Adapters

[IMTS Preview] EXSYS Tool, Inc. to Showcase High Precision Tooling Adapters

Tooling Adapters

EXSYS Tool’s PRECI-FLEX is the first tooling system on the market with a single base holder and multiple tooling adapters that utilizes the ER collet pocket, making lathe tooling changeovers quick, accurate and cost-effective. Additionally, the modular system’s conical and flat face planar interface allows the use of either an adapter or a standard ER collet, and enables collets, endmill holders, expanding collet chucks and shrinks fit tooling to be mounted on a single base holder.

Also on display will be the PRECI-FLEX Adapter Collet Chuck, an inside nut that enables operators to use the adapter to make the collet pocket smaller. The adapter can then clamp onto the endmill while remaining compact during machining. The chuck also allows the adapter to be utilized as a pre-settable option offline to increase set-up capability. Sizes range from ER11 – ER32.

EXSYS Tool’s booth will also contain the company’s new DECO-FLEX tooling interface. The DECO-FLEX system is a high accuracy solution specifically designed for the manufacture of components in the miniature range.

DECO-FLEX features a conical and flat face planar interface with specific adapters that combine with fixed and/or rotary tool holders to optimize tool performance and increase flexibility. Manufacturers also benefit from reduced setup times and increased machining uptime, as DECO-FLEX allows simple adapter/tool changes to be completed in seconds and can also pre-set tools off the machine.

Visit IMTS Booth #W-1474

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