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[IMTS Preview] Euro-Tech Corporation to Highlight Clamping Sleeves

Euro-Tech Corporation will spotlight Kostyrka German-engineered clamping sleeves at IMTS.

Kostyrka slotted clamping sleeve technology is based on the idea of creating a shaft-hub joint actuated by hydraulic pressure to efficiently support the workholding function of modern machine tools. Flexible metal plastic composite bushes in housings surround the part and clamp it by applying pressure oil to the sleeve jacket. The oil pressure is converted loss- and reaction-free into a radially acting clamping force. The sleeves spring back to their starting position after the oil pressure is removed and the clamped part is released. The surfaces of the clamped parts are not damaged with this adherence-actuated form of power transmission.

The clamping sleeve's main body consists of a copper/tin, copper/tin/zinc or a copper aluminum alloy. Sleeves subjected to high stress may be made from case hardened steel or spring steel. The plastic jacket with a double-sided O-ring/back-up ring combination is manufactured from PA or POM and is resistant to mineral oils, brake fluid and low-flammability hydraulic fluids (up to 1007#176C). The working pressure is 50-450 bar (700-6,500 psi). General tolerances are: outer diameter D = g6, inner diameter d = H7, Length L = -0.1mm (-0.004 in.). Seals of the sleeves are resistant in the temperature range of -30C to +110C.

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