Improved indexable insert drills

New developments to Perfomax indexable insert drills from Seco Tools Inc. include a changed helix for improved productivity and chip evacuation, a refined core for improved strength and stability and an improved drill point to increase tool life and to achieve better tolerance.

Also new are a coated lathe drill — SD572 — and coated large diameter drill — SD542 — that incorporate a helix flute with diameters of 2.250 in. to 3.500 in.

Seco said this new generation of Perfomax drills has 50 percent longer tool life, 47 percent more productivity, lower noise levels and greater chip control due to better chip breaking when compared to other drills.

Optimized chip-flute design, a low-friction coated drill body and strong inserts allow users to increase productivity and reduce total cost by boosting speeds and feeds while avoiding common problems of deflection, poor tool life and quality, even with long lengths and deep hole drilling applications.

All Perfomax drills use square inserts to provide the advantage of a strong 90-degree corner and the economy of four cutting edges.

The drills are available in a range of diameters from 0.59 in. to 3.50 in. and lengths to five-times diameter in certain sizes. Inserts are available in a wide range of geometries. Perfomax drills have different inserts in periphery and center insert pockets to provide the best balance of cutting forces and high cutting data.

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