Hydraulic vise column

Hydraulic vise column

Hydraulic Vise Column

Jergens Inc. has introduced its new Hydraulic Vise Column with features such as a swivel coupling that saves operator time by eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect the two hydraulic hoses as the column rotates. Each vise can be independently operated to quickly unload and load parts. The compact rotary coupling does not interfere with tooling.

In-house testing of the unit with swivel coupling achieved up to a 50 percent reduction in production time when compared with the manual version performing the same tooling operation. Hydraulic power provides a fast, repeatable action that ensures consistent clamping force, up to 4,700 lb of clamping capacity, without the variability due to operator fatigue that can occur with manual vises. The hydraulics ensure consistent, repeatable clamping force. The operator simply opens the hydraulic valve to open the jaws to quickly unload and load parts.

With a fast quick-change mechanism, the Hydraulic Vise Column comes with 4-in. and 6-in. jaw sizes and in three-sided or four-sided configurations. The stand-alone design can be retrofitted in the field.

All Jergens vises include machinable, reversible jaws; hardened and ground steel rails; flow-through base; and fully sealed leadscrew assembly

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