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Hydraulic Chucks For HSM

Hydraulic Chucks For HSM

Hydraulic Chucks

New Hydrofit hydraulic chucks from Iscar Metals ( are designed for high-speed machining, and to simplify tool changing, presetting and fine balancing. These hydraulic chucks are made for stationary- or rotating-tool applications at speeds to 15,000 rpm.

Iscar Metals said the chucks deliver the clamping force, accuracy, dynamic balance and vibration damping necessary to protect brittle solidcarbide round tools in high-speed machining work. Runout accuracy is 0.003 mm.

Hydrofit chuck styles are available in HSK, DIN and SC machine interfaces, and to handle four main shank types:

  • Taper shanks for rotating applications.
  • VDI DIN 6980 shanks in sizes 30 and 40.
  • ST 25, 32 FINEFIT ADJ with 070 flange for stationary tools.
  • And FineFit ADJ taper shanks with 070 flanges for rotating tools.

The hydraulic chucks require only moderate hand torque with an Allen key to clamp and unclamp the tool in the spindle. Operators adjust the datum by turning an internal preset screw. Optional threaded holes are available to facilitate fine balancing.

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