Hybrid Diamond Dressing Technology

Hybrid Diamond

Meister Abrasives (www.meister-abrasives-usa.com) has introduced a new hybrid bonding technology for rotary diamond products used to dress cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels.

The company’s hDD (hybrid diamond dressing) tools combine the toughness of metal bonding with the natural porosity of a vitrified bond structure, comparable to porosity found in vitrified CBN grinding wheels.

The new bonding technology is based on a manufacturing process that both mechanically and chemically bonds the diamond particles within the tool to ensure that they are held securely. As a result, metal posts or “bridges” that attach to the diamond crystals in the bonding matrix can be slender, allowing for large pores to be naturally distributed between the crystals.

These slender posts allow the diamond particles to stand out from the bonding matrix for improved cutting. The posts also fracture readily to expose a new layer of diamond abrasive when the first layer has worn down to metal. Meister Abrasives said these properties ensure a high level of cutting performance while eliminating the need for periodic conditioning — a requirement with all other types of metal bonds.

The hybrid bonding technology is the culmination of a prolonged research and development effort by Meister Abrasives AG in Switzerland. The company said it has invested heavily in new equipment and a facility devoted entirely to manufacturing hybrid metal bonded abrasive products.

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