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HSK 80F shrink-fit toolholders

HSK 80F shrink-fit toolholders


Lyndex-Nikken’s new HSK80F shrink-fit toolholders have accuracy and rigidity that make them well suited for Makino MAG machines. The holders are designed for highproductivity machining of complex, monolithic aluminum parts for aerospace structures.

Lyndex-Nikken shrink-fit holders meet all Makino MAG machine requirements. They are manufactured to DIN69893-5 and 6 standards, supplied with drive pins per Makino’s specifications, balanced to 33,000 rpm and available in short overall tool lengths within 3.00 in. Some holders can be balanced with an optional balancing kit.

Used in combination with a shrinkfit machine, the holders rapidly heat up to expand the inside diameter of the holder. Then, as the holder cools, the thermal contraction exerts a uniform pressure that shrinks around the tool for uniform gripping. This process not only ensures accuracy, but it allows for tool changes of less than 30 seconds.

The separate shrink-fit machine, also available from Lyndex-Nikken, uses a direct liquid-cooling method that quickly and safely cools the tools.

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