High-Speed, Solid Carbide Endmill Line

Toolmex Corp. Inc. (www.toolmex.com) said its new SharC highperformance solid carbide endmill product line delivers as much as 50 percent to 200 percent increased productivity.

The company said its endmill line features advanced geometries, coatings and flute polish not found collectively in any other product. The endmills are designed for high precision and performance-driven cutting applications to enable highspeed operation without having to slow down to cut corners. They also are designed to facilitate fast feed times and single-pass floor axial finish, while extending tool life and reducing machine stress.

The SharC line consists of three product families including Mako fast and agile tools for cutting straight and corners in non-ferrous and aluminum metals; Tiger multipurpose tools for roughing, slotting and semi-roughing ferrous metals and high temp steels; and Megamouth for finishing and semirough profiling of the toughest steels and nickel-based alloys. The product line is available via select U.S. tooling distributors.

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