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High-pressure coolant tooling

High-pressure coolant tooling


Sandvik Coromant has added two new products to its family of high-pressure coolant solutions: the modular Serration Lock (SL) 40 and 70 heads for turning will allow Sandvik Coromant to provide more than 300 tooling options for the most difficult to access areas.

The high-pressure coolant systems channel a precision jet through small diameter precision nozzles. The resulting increase in focus and velocity of the coolant jet produces a hydraulic wedge that reduces contact between the rake face of the insert and the chip to improve process security and productivity.

In turning applications, highpressure tooling provides chip control in all materials and increases cutting speed capability:

SL40 — modular exchangeable head connection for boring bars in internal machining applications.

SL70 — modular exchangeable blades for profile grooving with round inserts and the CoroCut grooving system for lathes, multitask machines and vertical turning lathes.

Coromant Capto holders — for external machining in lathes and multi-task machines. The company said highpressure tooling doubles tool life in titanium milling applications.

CoroMill 690 — the new long edge cutter for titanium machining. The large number of nozzles puts high demands on the pumps’ capability to deliver enough volume at high pressure. By reducing the nozzle diameter, the pressure can be maintained due to reduced volume requirements. Five interchangeable nozzles with 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4-mm hole sizes are available.

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