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High-Performance Machining/Grinding Fluids

High-Performance Machining/Grinding Fluids

Cimcool ( has added to its Cimstar line of products with the introduction of advanced technology “Z” metalworking fluids. The company said its “Z” fluids provide as much as a 30 percent increase in sump life, as much as a 40 percent improvement in tool life, an increase in productivity of 20 percent, excellent control for rancidity, and reduced concentrate usage.

Cimstar fluids reformulated into “Z”-line products include: Cimstrar Qual Star LFZ, Cimstrar Qual Star XLZ, Cimstrar Qual Star XL HZ, Cimstrar Qual Star XLH and Cimstar 3891Z. Cimstar semi-synthetic products include a broad range of general machining and grinding fluids for general purpose and medium to heavy-duty operations with ferrous and many non-ferrous metals.

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