High-Performance Machining/Grinding Fluids

High-Performance Machining/Grinding Fluids

Cimcool (www.cimcool.com) has added to its Cimstar line of products with the introduction of advanced technology “Z” metalworking fluids. The company said its “Z” fluids provide as much as a 30 percent increase in sump life, as much as a 40 percent improvement in tool life, an increase in productivity of 20 percent, excellent control for rancidity, and reduced concentrate usage.

Cimstar fluids reformulated into “Z”-line products include: Cimstrar Qual Star LFZ, Cimstrar Qual Star XLZ, Cimstrar Qual Star XL HZ, Cimstrar Qual Star XLH and Cimstar 3891Z. Cimstar semi-synthetic products include a broad range of general machining and grinding fluids for general purpose and medium to heavy-duty operations with ferrous and many non-ferrous metals.

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