High-Performance Collet System

High-Performance Collet System

Lyndex-Nikken (www.lyndexnikken.com) said its new high performance VC toolholder, operates to 40,000 rpm, offers high accuracy with runout within 0.00012 in. at 4 times diameter, and provides ultrasmooth surface finishes.

The VC toolholder has a slim and smooth profile that is designed to eliminate noise related to high-speed rotation by reducing the air current created by the hex nuts and slots that are found on the periphery of most toolholders.

Dampening of micro-harmonic vibrations is achieved with the use of a groove under the nut.

Also, a thick wall at the base of the VC toolholder, and its short gauge length, allow for greater rigidity and static stiffness. As an option, axial adjustment is achieved with an adjustment screw. High pressure coolant-thru is also available. The VC design features a TiN bearing nut that makes greater torque possible by reducing the friction associated with nut tightening.

The 8-degree collet design of the VC toolholder further contributes to rigidity and gripping torque. An extended straight portion of the collet pilots and maintains the concentric placement of the tool, while its flat-shoulder design results in heightened perpendicular force transfer. The VC is balanced with the collet for operation up to 40, 000 rpm. The VC is available in 30-, 40- and 50-tapers, as well as HSK and Nikken 3-Lock models.

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