Grooving cutters

Grooving cutters

high-performance grooving cutters

Iscar said its new high-performance grooving cutters for O-rings, retainers, circle clips and related applications offer 50 percent higher insert density than other cutters for faster cutting. The new cutters, additions to the company’s Chamslit line, include Tri inserts that provide three times as many edges per insert to reduce consumables costs. As a result of its high insert density, the cutter keeps performing safely even if one cutting edge fails.

Chamslit grooving cutters also can handle square, round and chamfer grooves, as well as thread profiles.

Two added features enable operators to work closer to the bottom of a groove, slot or cavity. The Tri insert sits slightly tilted in the pocket for bottom relief, and the overall low-profile design of the cutter permits shallow face milling close to the bottom.

Available in a diameter range of 1.25 in. to 3.15 in., they can cut grooves up to 1.89-in. deep. To reduce cutter inventory, a single tool accommodates a 0.047-in. to 0.158-in. insert-width range. All cutters come with coolant holes directing flow to the cutting edge. The thick, strong inserts are made of tough, versatile carbide grade IC 908.

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