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Grade for Highspeed Steel Turning

Grade for Highspeed Steel Turning

Grade for highspeed

The TP1500 grade from Seco Tools Inc. (, is the newest addition to the company’s line of coated grades produced with the company’s the Duratomic process. Seco Tools said the grade meets the mechanical and physical demands required for turning steels at high cutting speeds without sacrificing the toughness needed for reliability. When used in conjunction with the new MR6 chipbreaker, TP1500 is said to result in longer tool life, increased productivity and lower costs than competitive grades in similar applications.

The grade was developed using Seco’s DurAtomic process, where the crystalline structure is manipulated at the atomic level to produce a coating with high edge toughness and wear resistance.

While targeted specifically for steel machining, the coating and substrate properties also make TP1500 a good choice for a wide range of cast iron applications, especially those involving ductile and compacted graphite iron.

The grade is offered in a wide range of insert geometries to cover turning applications from finishing to heavy roughing where productivity and/or long tool life are of major importance.

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