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Fine Boring Heads

Fine Boring Heads

Fine boring heads

Seco Tools Inc. ( said its new AxiaBore fine boring heads provide 30 percent higher rigidity than previous generations because of their cylinderand- flange tool-fixing design. The design allows for higher machining data and increased productivity.

Also, the boring heads have an indirect barrel locking (IBL) system that the company said simplifies operations for machine operators because the set diameter is not influenced by the locking screw.

AxiaBore features include micrometric adjustment to 0.0001 in. on the diameter for high precision and guaranteed insert orientation for correct tool geometry.

The AxiaBore range includes five axial fine boring heads that use axial tools:

The NanoBore is designed for extremely small diameters, 0.012 in. to 0.315 in.

The AxiaBore is designed for boring 0.0787 in. to 0.7874 in.

The AxiaBore Plus is designed for boring, ODoverturning and grooving diameters of 0.2362 in. to 4.252 in.

The AxiaLibraBore is a head that can be balanced for high speed machining and is designed for sizes 0.0787 in. to 0.7874 in.

And, the AxiaLibraBore Plus can be balanced for high speed machining for sizes 0.2362 in. to 1.2992 in.

The boring heads are balanced to ensure quality and to reduce machine spindle stress. The non-balanceable heads in the series — the NanoBore, AxiaBore and AxiaBore Plus — are prebalanced at the mean setting diameter of the boring head.

The AxiaLibraBore is designed to be fine balanced throughout the entire diameter range with a single balancing ring.

The AxiaBore system comes with a complete modular selection of boring bars and shanks and a multi-purpose adaptor for boring, ODoverturning and face grooving.

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