Expanded Swiss Turning Spindle Line

IBAG North America (www.ibagna.com) has also added new 20-mm and-22-mm diameter high speed milling and drilling spindles for Swiss turning applications.

The spindles complement the company’s line of 25-mm-diameter spindles, offering high-speed, precision milling and drilling capabilities for smaller Swiss turning equipment.

The spindles are designed to operate to 100,000 rpm with 260 W continuous power and high torque. They are built with synchronous, DC motor technology and are designed for machining applications that involve micromilling and drilling tools, and for engraving and fine milling.

The company said these rigid, compact spindles are ultra precise – they have less then 2 microns runout – to enhance surface quality and machining accuracy, and to reduce the need for secondary operations.

Models are available in standard lengths and short lengths for compact tooling areas, and in 90-degree versions.

In addition, for turning center users, IBAG offers a ready-to-install kit that includes the spindle and drive, all electrical and pneumatic lines, and optional spindle mounting blocks.

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