Expanded Range for Toolholding System

Expanded Range for Toolholding System

According to Rego-Fix (www.regofix.com), the company’s new powRgrip PG 32 system uses a toolholder and collet to generate the highest clamping force in the industry -- higher than any shrink-fit holder -- while maintaining a T.I.R of less than 0.0001 in.

The system clamps tool shanks ranging to 1-in. diameter, an increase from the previous maximum clamping capacity of 0.75 in. Additionally, the powRgrip PG 32 system is designed for high speed machining applications, and offers an extensive taper selection, including CAT, BT, HSK and TC versions. Like all powRgrip toolholders, the PG 32 is balanced by design, improving part quality and surface finish, and lowering manufacturing costs.

The PG 32 collet is inserted into the holder using a table-top mini-press that generates nine tons of force. Available in both metric and inch diameters to 1 in. (25 mm), the system relies on the interference between the holder and collet to create its clamping force.

Unlike other clamping systems where heat or hydraulics are used to expand the material, the powRgrip system uses the mechanical properties of the holder material to generate tremendous gripping force with run-out below 0.0001 in.

Designed for easy operation and use, it takes less than 10 seconds to press in a tool or remove it from the holder. Because no heat is used, tools can be used immediately after a tool change.

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