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Disc and PVD Milling Inserts

Disc and PVD Milling Inserts

Seco Tools Inc. ( has added SNHQ and LNK-05 inserts to its family of disc milling products for a variety of slotting, facing, circular interpolation, and circlip grooving applications in any material. Both the SNHQ and LNK-05 offer up to four cutting edges per insert and offer wiper flats for applications requiring a high-quality surface finish.

“Offering a variety of grades, cutting edge configurations and geometries in the SNHQ and LNK-05 inserts enhances the capabilities of our customers,” said Jay Verellen, Seco’s product manager for milling.

The SNHQ line consists of robust free-cutting inserts that are less prone to tool chatter. Like the 335.19 inserts they replace, the SNHQ inserts fit Seco’s 335.19 fixed pocket cutter bodies. The new line offers corner radius options from 0.008 in. to 0.236 in. in right- and left-handed styles.

The LNK-05 inserts also are offered in both left- and right-hand cutting configurations. The LNK-05 inserts are designed to provide low cutting forces to deal with longer overhangs or other unstable machining conditions. Corner radii range from 0.016 in. to 0.156 in. Seco Tools said tests with the LNK inserts have produced consistent surface finishes finer than Ra<60 μin.

New, slimmer cutter bodies have been added to accommodate machining narrower slots with the LNK-05 inserts (0.315 in. to 0.394 in.). Like its predecessors, the new cutters are available in both fixed and adjustable pocket configurations.

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