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Direct-Drive Rotary Table

Direct-Drive Rotary Table

rotary table

Mori Seiki U.S.A., Inc. ( has introduced a rotary table that is compatible with its DuraVertical 5060 and 5080 and NV4000 DCG vertical machining centers.

The company said its DDRT-260 rotary table provides stable, high-efficiency, 4-axis machining with powerful clamping and high-precision indexing.

The DDRT-260 uses a direct-drive motor to drive table rotation rather than a servo motor and worm gear. The company said the unit is equipped with a high-accuracy encoder mounted directly to the spindle to provide improved positioning accuracy and eliminate backlash, positioning delays and maintenance requirements. Also, the DDRT-260 rotates 180 degrees and re-clamps in approximately 0.4 seconds and has a rotational speed of 150 rpm.

With a table diameter of 260 mm (10.2 in.), the unit has a 55-mm (2.17-in.) through hole that allows for pneumatic or hydraulic clamping, and uses 200-mm (7.9-in.) diameter cross roller bearings to achieve high rigidity and high precision. The rotary table also offers indexing precision of ± 6 seconds (± 0.0016 degrees) and has a maximum horizontal loading capacity of 400 kg (880 lb).

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